Around the League Colts pull out a Victory Dolphins are bad 49ers are 2-0 and look red hot Lamar Jackson is Legit Chiefs put up 28 pts in a single Quarter Rams thrash Saints Teddy Bridgewater in for injured Drew Brees, possibly for several weeks Falcons escape the Eagles Big Ben Roethlisberger done for year Drew Brees out for min 6 weeks The North Face Detroit pulls out a win over the Chargers in the 4th Chicago wins a wacky game in Denver Do they still win if Denver goes for the tie? Vikings GB Recap Packer fan at work said that the Packers didn’t win the game, that the Vikings lost it Game started – GB score – MN missed FG – GB score short field – MIN Fumble – GB score from 33 out Fan Question 1:

“Was the 21-0 start more the Packers offense or our defense?” It was a combination of all three phases. Defense was playing GB’s WRs wrong, and giving GB short fields on two back to back possessions hurt  Special Teams Mishaps Missed FG / Blocked XP Bobbled Returns REALLY long XP attempt due to dumb penalty Is Dan Bailey the best option? Defensive Downturn ROUGH first quarter Playing way to soft on Devante Adams Blink – Down by 21 Fan question 2:

“How much would have Alexander and Gideon helped in the defensive lapse 1st Quarter?? Thoughts on Meaders and Boyd when our CBs are depleted…” Ben Gedeon less so, although I think we have an easier time stopping the running attack with him. Mackenzie Alexander’s loss was felt, although I don’t think it was largely detrimental. Jayron Kearse can totally play well in the slot, we just weren’t scheming correctly for what GB was doing Shutting down GB the final 3 quarters tells me it wasn’t personnel that was responsible, rather calls and scheme Jayron Kearse and Eric Wilson posted highest defensive grades of the team with 90.6 and 85.4 respectively Xavier Rhodes isn’t back Hercules Mafa’ata shines Erik Kendricks puts on a clinic Baffling Offense Dalvin Cook was eating all day Josh Kline and Brian O’Neill best grades of offense line grades Garrett Bradbury again struggled Gooseeggs off Turnovers Refs were especially horrid There is never *that* much offensive PI BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD Kirk Cousins Several fumbles, interceptions WHY ARE YOU THROWING THAT? PASS LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DOWN JESUS EFFING CHRIST Chad Beebe is clearly WR3 at this point Fan question 3:

“Why did the broadcast call beebe a speedster?” He’s shown quickness clearly with his returns, and with the splash play he had on offense turning it upfield. I don’t think he’s super fast, just squirrelly. In large part, the Vikings beat themselves. Gave up turnovers, failed on special teams, and gave up too much on defense to start the game Raiders are a team that is really really beatable, and you have to win those games to have a chance. GB isn’t a soft target, and this division WILL be the toughest in the NFL this year Oakland Predictions

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