Accepting a New Challenge

Accepting a New Challenge

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Accepting a New Challenge

It’s been a long and winding journey for me over the past few years. Few know my story, but throughout my sports journey in the field, I’ve had first-hand experience from lots of perspectives. From being a starting Division I college quarterback to working in a ticket booth for a local minor league baseball team for minimum wage to being a three-time champion college position coach, I’ve been a part of some of the highest of highs and somewhat the lowest of lows.

I didn’t have a tough life or upbringing of any sorts, but throughout the past 10 years, I’ve learned the meaning of hard work, perseverance, and the understanding that nothing is given without staying true to the process.

Living through some adversity and successfully seeing it through, I’ve been fortunate enough to be placed in a great situation. Impacting the lives of others through the means of community service and football have always been my biggest passion in life. I take great pride in being able to teach the game in a translatable way while also being able to learn as I continue.

I’ve finally found a way to combine the two with my yearly draft guide and donating back to those in need. I can’t thank those enough who took the time to read it as well as donate to a great cause with the Raleigh Rise Against Hunger Foundation. We far exceeded my goal and we left the company and those individuals in need in a much better place than the months prior to.

The reason I’m writing this letter today though is to make the tough decision of moving on from a company that I dearly love in Cover 1. I’ve made a lot of close friends and created plenty of lifelong relationships with many within the company.

Erik Turner, I can’t thank you enough. From the random introductory direct messages where you provided me with an opportunity to pursue my passion to the long and dark rides from the Mobile airport headed towards the Senior Bowl, I can’t thank you enough for how you operate and run a first-class operation and website for many.

Russell Brown and Christian Page, you guys will always be dear to me. The post 2 a.m. Waffle House experiences after we had been working tirelessly on content, Chick-fil-A introductions, and all of the hilarious podcast episodes that we’ve had over time.

Aaron Quinn, lots of things wouldn’t have been possible without you this year. You know how much you have helped me over the past few months.

Thank you.

All of the rest of the Cover 1 family, I can’t thank you guys enough for welcoming me. From the podcasts appearances to the endless debates in various avenues, all of those moments will be ones that I will never forget.

With that being said, I will be moving on to The Draft Network. Even though this was one of the toughest decisions that I’ve ever had to make in my short career, I’m ready to accept a new challenge and broaden my horizons. All of the tips, lessons, experiences, and advice that I’ve received will be put to good use, and I’ll do my best to bring the best draft coverage as humanly possible.

Don’t think for a second that this is an awkward position to be in, because it’s not. There’s way too much positivity happening in the world to focus on the negative aspects happening, which doesn’t need to be glorified. The great thing about this industry is that you develop lifelong friends over time.

Jon Ledyard is an outstanding friend of mine, who, alongside his family and friends, is successfully persevering himself. We’ve talked a countless number of times about draft related things and family oriented aspects in general. It just so turns out that he actually was the first person to vouch for me to take on this role.

With how quickly you have become one of the pioneers and most well respected minds in the NFL Draft industry, you having full belief in me and actually getting your vote of confidence to take on this role means more than you will ever know.

I personally want to thank you for that.

Being a full-time draft analyst and covering the sport that taught me the way of life for a living is a dream come true. Along with my wife and myself recently welcoming beautiful twin girls into this world on Monday, I’m beyond blessed, and extremely grateful for everything that’s happening in my life. It’s important for everyone to know their “why” and the purpose behind your motives that keeps pushing you daily.

Well, now you know exactly what mine are.

I’m ecstatic about the 2020 draft cycle and officially joining the TDN family. JC, Carter, Paige, Trevor, Ben, Kyle, Brad, Joe, and myself have already discussed plenty of ideas that you guys will be more than excited about.

Let’s make the new draft season fun and just know that you will receive 110% from me in all events this year.


– Jordan Reid


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