SKOLHole Episode 75-76 | Garrett Bradbury, Winners/Losers, and what to expect on Day 2

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast


In this episode:

One of the biggest needs the Minnesota Vikings needed heading into draft weekend was offensive line help. And they didn’t disappoint. Even with rumors of the Vikings looking to trade up they stood their ground and waited for their guy to fall in their laps.

We break down the selection of Garrett Bradbury and what this means for the Vikings moving forward. Look for him to start day one, which allows Elflein to scoop over to guard. This selection pretty much revamps the entire offensive line.

Before wrapping up the pod we give our grade for the 1st round and more.


In this episode:

The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft is in the books, which means it’s time to give an extremely early review for each pick. We go through the winners, which there are plenty of and the losers which there is ABSOLUTELY some of. We also look at guys who are still on the board and why.

Possible round 2 options for the Vikings and more.

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