SKOLHole Episode 71 | NFL Draft Rumors & Redrafting the Vikings 2018 Draft

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

On top of the big Vikings news about the Adam Thielen contract extension the NFL Draft only single digits until the NFL draft, we have plenty to talk about.

True or false on all the Draft rumors

  • Haskins falling out of the top 15?
  • Daniel Jones going to the Giants at pick 6?
  • Ed Oliver going in the top 3?

Worst case scenario for the Vikings at pick 18

  • Who would make us vomit if they happen to be selected by the Purple at 18.

Re-drafting the 2018 Vikings Draft Class

We play the coulda, woulda, shoulda game and redraft the entire draft class. Some picks stay the same and some become very, very different.

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Recent/Upcoming Projects

  • Catch up on all the latest from CTP here.

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