Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 040 – Something to Cheer About!

Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 040 – Something to Cheer About!

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 040 - Something to Cheer About!

Good morning Horners! What a week we’ve had! In the run-up to the Miami Dolphins coming to visit the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium, there’s been all sorts of news out of Egan and Vikings headquarters. A little over 12 hours after the Vikings lost to the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Mike Zimmer dismissed John DeFilippo as his offensive coordinator and promoted Kevin Stefanski to the position. This sets the table for Ted, Drew, and Dave, to talk about the lead up to the game on Sunday.

Ryan Tannehill will try to extend his winning record, this time on the road. He is battling an ankle injury which should have the Vikings defensive front four salivating. Even though the Dolphins have a winning record at 7-6, per the basic box score statistics, they are not that good and the Vikings should have favorable matchups.

The old guys even got to answer some listener questions to include:

  • How much will the offensive scheme change?
  • Why is Pat Elflein getting destroyed?
  • When playing good teams, shouldn’t have Kirk Cousins been good enough to win at least one of those contests?

Drew let another round of “Way or No Way”, the questions game where Ted and Dave compete. After one round, the @purplebuckeye leads 4-1. Dave looks to make a comeback this week, but probably the best question of the series was guessing the first offensive play called by Stefanski. Ted goes with a Cousins pass to Kyle Rudolph, where Dave prognosticates a handoff to Dalvin Cook. This will be guaranteed to have you laughing!

The show includes some great movie references and even the great Ma Deuce. There are plenty of laughs and optimism laced in this pregame preview. How are you feeling going into Sunday?

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As always, enjoy the watch!

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