Climbing The Pocket: Episode 122 [Vikings vs Seattle Preview]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

NFL Talk

  • Kareem Hunt
  • Redskins QB Situation

  • Should the Packers have waited to fire Mike McCarthy?

Vikings Talk

  • Patriots Game Recap
  • Ongoing tension between Zimmer and Flip
  • What is wrong with the Vikings offense?
  • Vikings Injury Report
    • Trae Waynes
    • Stefon Diggs knee injury

  • Path to the playoffs?
  • Seattle Seahawks Game Preview
    • Containing Russell Wilson
    • Running the football
    • Slowing down Tyler Lockett


  • Bold Prediction/Score Prediction
    • Prince – Kirk Cousins 350 yards and 3 TDs; 26 – 24 Seahawks
    • JR – Danielle Hunter with 3 sacks; 27 -23 Seahawks
    • Jayson – Russell Wilson 4 TD combined; 35 24 Seahawks

Recent/Upcoming Projects

  • Catch up on all the latest from CTP here.


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