Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 034 – It’s Packers Week

Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 034 – It’s Packers Week

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 034 - It's Packers Week

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Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 034 – It’s Packers Week!


Good morning Horners! We hope that your Thanksgiving was an exceptionally happy one, that everyone survived, that the food was good and the conversation was even better. Drew, Ted and I did our best to have the same. We recorded the show the evening before, still with the memories of last week’s loss in our heads. We are looking forward to the Packers game, but first an epic rant.


All week across the Vikings Twittersphere, on the web, amongst your favorite podcasts, and even here on GMG – In The Raw, there has been debate over why the Vikings are 5-4-1 and fighting desperately to secure a wildcard playoff spot. At the beginning of the season, most fans had Super Bowl aspirations for this team anticipating another decent season, and by decent we mean double-digit win totals and being one of the best teams in the NFL. As of right now, however, the squad does not fit into that category and there seems to be a hint of dysfunction or disarray.


The show opens with an epic rant. Debates about player performance, coaches calls, and more come down to the question of who was held responsible. With the offense not living up to fans expectations, the questions of why abound, but there should be one person responsible enough to affect change for the positive. That person is head coach Mike Zimmer. Though he is a noted defensive guru, we watched him make proper decisions when guiding Pat Shurmur as his offensive coordinator last season. We are fully expecting, anticipating, and now demanding that he does the same thing with John DeFilippo. We want to maximize the effectiveness of Kirk Cousins, the run game featuring Dalvin Cook and LaTavius Murray to go along with a dynamic passing attack. All of this being done by attacking places on the field where you have an advantage in numbers or position.


This transitioned nicely into Sunday night’s game against the division rival Green Bay Packers. Discussion ensued over key players not named Aaron Rodgers like Devante Adams, the state of the defense and cheesehead coaching. Looking at the statistics, the Vikings should take advantage in this game and win in prime time. Ted called it but also left open a gut-wrenching Mason Crosby spoiler. You can listen and decide for yourself. Do the Vikings have what it takes to win tonight, win enough games to squeak into the playoffs, or even get lucky enough to steal the division from the Chicago Bears?


We are interested to hear what you think. Like, subscribe, and ring that damn bell! Then shout SKOL!


As always, enjoy the watch!


The show’s theme music is licensed through AudioJungle, the song is Stylish Powerful Energetic Rock.


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