Climbing The Pocket: Episode 113 [Eagles Preview with @MichaelKistNFL]

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 113 [Eagles Preview with @MichaelKistNFL]

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 113 [Eagles Preview with @MichaelKistNFL]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

Question of the day: Should Mike Zimmer be on the hot seat?

Eagles Preview with @MichaelKistNFL

  • What have you been up to and where can we find your work now?
  • How is the Eagles fan base feeling about this season?
  • Are the Lev Bell rumors for real?
  • Any concerns about a Superbowl hangover?
  • Eagles offensive line struggles?
  • Nelson Agholor regressing?
  • MIN/PHI Game Preview
  • Eagles Keys to Victory and Concerns
  • Kirk Cousins as the x-factor
  • Score prediction and bold prediction
    • 27-13 Eagles;

Thrive Fantasy

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Vikings Talk

  • LA Rams Game Recap
  • MIN/PHI Preview
  • Keys to Victory vs Philadelphia
  • Bold prediction/Score prediction
    • Yinka: 30-23 Eagles; Running backs or Special teams only scores for Vikings
    • JR: 27-17 Eagles; Hunter 2 sacks
    • Myles: 27-21 Vikings; 3 Vikings turnovers forced.
    • Jayson: 24-21 Vikings; Harrison Smith is back!!!
  • Recent/Upcoming Projects
  • Catch up on all the latest from CTP here.

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