Climbing The Pocket: Episode 108 [Packer Week]

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 108 [Packer Week]

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 108 [Packer Week]


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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

Around The NFL

  • Biggest Surprises and Takeaways from Week 1 around the NFL
  • Week 1 Prop Bets Review
    • Drake (75.5 total yards): JR – Over; Prince – Under (UNDER)
    • Zeke (91.5 rushing yards): JR- Over; Prince – Under (UNDER)
    • Brees (22.5 completions): Over (OVER)
    • OBJ (5.5 receptions) – Over (OVER)
  • Week 2 Prop Bets
    • Philip Rivers (275.5 passing yards): over
    • Tyreek Hill (77.5 receiving yards): over
    • Dalvin Cook (85.5 total yards): over

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Vikings Talk

  • SF Game Recap
  • Key takeaways or concerns
  • Keys to Victory vs GB


Packers Game Preview with Peter Bukowski

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the industry
  • The Tweet

  • Thoughts on your new GM
  • Depth WRs for GB and will any of them play?
  • Keys to victory for GB
  • Does Rodgers play this week and when did adrenaline become slang for narcotics?
  • Bold Prediction/Score Prediction
    • JR: Vikings 27-24; Mike Hughes pick  for win
    • Myles:  Vikings 30-13 ;3 INTs for Aaron Rodgers
    • Prince:  Vikings 27-21; Sherels scores the game winning
    • Jayson: Vikings 24-22; Kirk Cousins outplays Rodgers

Recent/Upcoming Projects

  • Catch up on all the latest from CTP here.











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