Climbing The Pocket: Episode 104 [When Sassy Jalen Strikes]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on the Jalen Ramsey article?

  • Most accurate assessment? Least accurate assessment?
  • How disappointed are you that Jalen was suspended for this week?

Jaguars Game Preview with Zach Goodall

  • What did Jalen do to get suspended?
    • What is he like to cover in general?
  • Why hasn’t the team traded for Teddy Bridgewater?
    • How does the fan base feel about Blake Bortles/Playoff Blake Bortles?
  • How does the fanbase feel about Leonard Fournette?
  • Who is the number one WR in Jacksonville?
  • Who are the under the radar players we should be looking for on Saturday?
    • Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    • Tyler Patmon
  • Surprise cut/trade block for the Jaguars
    • Dante Fowler
  • Jaguars record prediction – 10-6

Vikings Talk

  • Denver Game Recap – JR
    • Favorite performances on Offense – Myles
    • Favorite performances on Defense – Myles
    • How much does this change your outlook on the OL?
  • Joint Practices



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