Climbing The Pocket: Episode 99 [Just Be The Hunter With The Bag]


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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this episode:

( rhetorical) Question of the Night: Why are you tweeting Teddy Bridgewater?

Sport Talk

  • Jameis Winston suspended (officially)
    • Admission of guilt?
    • Only 3 games?
  • Danielle Hunter Extension
    • 5-year, $72M extension with $40M guaranteed and a $14M signing bonus

  • Whose next? Diggs (& Thielen) or Barr
    • Case for Diggs
    • Case for Barr
  • Barr at DE?
  • Josh Norris podcast with Vikings’ Director of Analytics, Scott Kuhn

  • The Decision IV
    • LBJ Opt Out Day?
  • Two-Minute Drill with Myles Gorham
  • NASCAR Ratings

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