Good Morning Gjallarhorn: Episode 03 (podcast)

Good Morning Gjallarhorn: Episode 03 (podcast)

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Good Morning Gjallarhorn: Episode 03 (podcast)

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 003


Good morning everybody, Dave here, with another episode of the vodcast Good Morning Gjallarhorn. We are trying to bring that Minnesota spirit in a visual form rather than just another audio podcast. This episode we discuss Drew’s Grading System and how it is applied to the offense, the vision of the running game, wonder how many wide receivers are kept this year, question whether coach Zimmer should continue call the defensive portion of the game, tell a story from minicamp, and then discuss expected ranges of salaries needed to extend Diggs, Barr, and Hunter. Good times!


Check out the list of items discussed below.


As always, enjoy the show!


  1. Discussed Drew Bunting’s Grading Sytem
  2. Listener Questions
    1. How will the running game look?
    2. How many WRs will make the 53?
    3. Should Zimmer keep on calling the D?
  3. A funny defense story from minicamp
  4. Looking at an outside of the box money freeing idea to help get extensions done


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