Climbing The Pocket: Episode 69 [Black Panther and Franchise QBs]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this Episode:


Black Panther Movie Review

  • What NFL player is most likely to have a secret life as a superhero?

Group Chat Discussions

  • Receiving Corp Debate
    • Julio, Sanu, and Gabriel
    • AB, JuJu, and Martavis
    • Diggs, Thielen, and Richardson
  • How do you define “Franchise QB”?
  • What traits are most important for a franchise QB?
    • Confidence
    • Accuracy
    • Decision Making
    • Mental Processing/Progressions
    • Footwork
    • Poise
    • Pocket Presence
    • Leadership/Command
    • Football I.Q.
    • Mobility

  • Bortles Extension

Bonus Question

  • Why does the draft community overvalue running backs every year?

This or That?

  • Thin or Thick Crust Pizza

Upcoming Projects



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