2018 Fictional Football Movie Characters NFL Mock Draft

“Black Panther” is one of the most highly anticipated movie releases in recent memory. On Thursday, I hinted at the next version of my latest first-round mock draft, but I decided to lighten the mood and switch it up this time around. In honor of the historic movie releasing this weekend, here’s an entertaining first-round mock draft of fictional football movie characters.

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy!


1. cleveland-browns-logo Cleveland Browns

QB — Bo Callahan — Draft Day

Image result for bo callahan draft day

Needs: QB, CB, RB

This time around, the Browns peg Callahan as their guy at the top of the draft. We all know that the Browns are terrible at drafting QBs. Why should we expect them to get it right this time around? Callahan would be the perfect Browns type of pick.  The guy who had all the talent in the world, but lacked every type of intangible imaginable. A clear bust like Callahan would fit in perfectly to the Browns storied history of failed attempts at drafting signal callers.


2. new-york-giants-logo New York Giants

QB — “Steamin” Willie Beamen — Any Given Sunday

Related image

Needs: OT, QB, RB

It’s no secret that the Giants need an alternative route to Eli Manning. There isn’t a better option than Beamen. He’s shown to embrace the bright lights, star studded lifestyle and  without question would be able to handle the pressure of the New York media. Beamen gives the Giants their QB of the future once they decide to move on from Manning


3.indianapolis-colts-logoIndianapolis Colts

LB — Bobby Boucher — The Waterboy

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Needs: OT, EDGE, ILB

Yes, I know, the Colts have a lot of holes on their roster and they desperately need offensive lineman to protect Andrew Luck, but Boucher was clearly the best player available on their board. The franchise sorely needs an identity on defense. While there’s obvious concern about Boucher learning the playbook as well as getting plenty of unnecessary roughness penalties throughout games, general manager Chris Ballard is willing to live with it because the “Waterboy” is an absolute stud.


4. cleveland-browns-logo Cleveland Browns (from HOU)

RB — Earl Megget  The Longest Yard

Image result for earl megget longest yard

Needs: QB, CB, RB

Having already “secured” their QB, now John Dorsey wants to surround his new prized possession with some instant impact play-makers. Megget comes with plenty of off the field baggage that even included imprisonment, but Dorsey felt as if the gain outweighed the risk when deciding to draft the running back.


5.denver-broncos-logo Denver Broncos

QB — Shane Falco — The Replacements

Image result for shane falco

Needs: QB, OT, S

John Elway was unsuccessful at signing a QB in free agency. He now has no choice but to wait until the draft to address a need that has been present since Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset after their Super Bowl victory. We all know he loves big QBs that can sling it. They felt as if getting Falco here is what best suited their needs and they elected to draft the talented lefty thrower.


6. new-york-jets-logo New York Jets

QB — Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass — Remember The Titans

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Needs: QB, EDGE, RB

The franchise hasn’t had a headliner QB in what has seemed like forever. Arguably since the days of Joe Namath. Although his career got off to an unexpected start, Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan feel as if “Sunshine” could be their franchise QB as soon as they call his name on draft day.


7.tampa-bay-buccaneers-logoTampa Bay Buccaneers

EDGE — Julius Campbell  Remember the Titans

Related image

Needs: EDGE, S, RB

The Bucs really need help at edge rusher. After generating a league low 22 sacks last season, getting Campbell here was the best outcome for them. Not only does he give the team a boost off of the edge, but he is also a tremendous leader. Adding Campbell with Gerald McCoy and Noah Spence makes their defensive line more respectable next season.


8. chicago-bears-logo Chicago Bears

WR — Rod Tidwell — Jerry Maguire

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Needs: WR, CB, ILB

This was an easy choice for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Mitchell Trubisky needs to be surrounded with weapons. Getting Tidwell’s rookie deal done so he can report to training camp on time will be a pain because he wants to be shown the money, but he would help out their young QB immediately. If Tidwell has success as a rookie, they better get ready to rip up his contract and fulfill his demands of being among the highest paid receivers in the NFL.


9. san-francisco-49ers-logo San Francisco 49ers (*coin flip)

ATH — Forrest Gump — Forrest Gump

Image result for forrest gump football

Needs: WR, OG, CB

This was considered a reach by many, but after breaking John Ross’ 40-yard dash record at the NFL Combine, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan became enamored with his straight line speed, value as a returner, and potential on offense. It’s unclear what position Gump will play, but he brings a weapon to the table for newly paid QB Jimmy Garoppolo.


10. oakland-raiders-logoOakland Raiders (*coin flip)

LB — Luther “Shark” Lavay — Any Given Sunday

Luther Shark Lavay

Needs: ILB, CB, OT

He comes with plenty of off the field issues, but Jon Gruden is looking for a tone setter in the middle of his defense. Lavay brings that. I mean it is Lawrence friggin’ Taylor! They get a guy that can play multiple positions and brings the attitude that the silver and black are looking for moving into the new Gruden era.

11.miami-dolphins-logo Miami Dolphins

OG — Louie Lastik  Remember the Titans

Image result for Louie Lastik remember the titans

Needs: OG, ILB, CB

The Dolphins need help at guard and Lastik could provide that. Known for his loving and upbeat personality, it was easy for scouts to gravitate towards him. The biggest question is controlling his weight and mobility, but it’s clear that he’s best suited in a man blocking scheme, opposed to a zone blocking scheme where his lack of athleticism could rear its ugly head.


12. cincinnati-bengals-logo Cincinnati Bengals

LB — Alvin Mack  The Program

Image result for alvin mack the program

Needs: LB, OT, QB

Looking at the Bengals linebacker depth chart, it is really bad. They need another playmaker there. There’s injury risks with Mack, but he exemplifies everything a Bengals linebacker stands for. He’s a perfect fit alongside Vontaze Burfict. This gives them an ideal 1-2 punch in the middle of their defense.


13. green-bay-packers-logo Green Bay Packers (*coin flip)

DB — Petey Jones — Remember the Titans

Related image

Needs: EDGE, CB, TE

As they’ve shown with Ty Montgomery, the Packers have no problems with converting running backs to other positions. After being asked to switch from running back to the secondary, Jones quickly became a staple for Coach Herman Boone’s defense. The Packers are hoping that he can fill Morgan Burnett’s void or even help at corner in a secondary that desperately needs help.


14. washington-redskins-logo Washington Redskins (*coin flip)

RB — Darnell Jefferson The Program

Image result for darnell jefferson

Needs: LB, S, RB

Despite being known for having his mind elsewhere and with some fumbling issues, the Redskins feel like they can correct his deficiencies and he can become the bell-cow rusher in their backfield. Alex Smith is use to having solid running games behind him and Jefferson is just the next RB to fall in line with Smith.


15.arizona-cardinals-logoArizona Cardinals

QB — Paul “Wrecking” Crewe — The Longest Yard

Image result for paul crewe longest yard

Needs: QB, OT, C

Of course there’s plenty of red flags there and one of the biggest reasons why he slipped to this point, but without any QBs currently under contract for 2018, the Cardinals have to take a risk. Krewe has the on the field leadership skills to potentially be the centerpiece of Steve Wilks rebuilding Arizona team.


16.baltimore-ravens-logo Baltimore Ravens

WR — Charlie Tweeder — Varsity Blues

Related image

Needs: WR, OG, ILB

Tweeder clearly loves the off-the-field party lifestyle, but on-the-field, he was the clear primary target no matter who the QB was. His stature is a bit small, but Joe Flacco hates throwing the ball farther than 10 yards anyway. He needs all the weapons he can get at this point.


17.san-diego-chargers-logo Los Angeles Chargers

DT — Andre Krimm — Necessary Roughness

Image result for Andre Krimm "Necessary Roughness"

Needs: DT, ILB, QB

The Chargers have solid pieces on their defensive line in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, but they lack consistency up the middle. They need a piece that could be an immediate contributor. Krimm would be a dominant force up the middle and he could potentially help supplement the already rich talent on Anthony Lynn’s defensive line.


18. seattle-seahawks-logo Seattle Seahawks

OG — Billy Bob — Varsity Blues

Image result for billy bob varsity blues

Needs: OT, RB, CB

Russell Wilson needs some protection up front and it’s well documented that the Seahawks offensive line is very bad. They are use to seeing offensive lineman who are turnstiles and give up sacks that injure QBs, so there’s clear interest in Bob, but they feel like they can hopefully improve his technique and help him become a reliable contributor. If not, then they’ll keep starting him anyway even if he is terrible.


19. Image result for dallas cowboys logoDallas Cowboys

LB — Steve Lattimer — The Program

Image result for steve lattimer the program

Needs: DT, WR, CB

The Cowboys go a bit off script here because they see a player that they really love. He checks the boxes for off-the-field issues, which they love and is sure to be a repeat offender of the leagues substance abuse policy as he has frequent steroid rages. Not only should ball carriers be aware of where he is on the field at all times, but all of the nice windows in Jerry’s World better watch out for him as well as he loves to smash his head through glass when he gets overly excited.

20. detroit-lions-logo Detroit Lions

RB Julian Washington — Any Given Sunday

Image result for julian washington any given sunday

Needs: EDGE, DT, RB

Let’s face it. The Lions running game has been pathetic. They haven’t had a 100-yard rusher in a single game since Reggie Bush ran for 117 yards against the Packers during Week 13 of the 2013 season. A fascinating stat, and Washington provides them with a clear upgrade and No. 1 primary option in their backfield behind Matthew Stafford. Maybe the new offense won’t take emphasis off of him this time so he can reach the bonuses in his contract and help his team win.


21. buffalo-bills-logo Buffalo Bills

EDGE — Vontae Mack — Draft Day

Image result for vontae mack DRAFT DAY

Needs: DT, LB, QB

The Bills should be jumping for joy here. Arguably the steal of the first-round was Mack. With Sean McDermott being a defensive minded head coach, he is always looking for ways to improve his unit. Mack provides versatility at linebacker and edge rusher, which are clear needs in Buffalo.


22. buffalo-bills-logo Buffalo Bills (from KC)

LB — Ivory Christian — Friday Night Lights

Image result for ivory christian friday night lights

Needs: DT, LB, QB

The Bills need a QB, but their just isn’t any worth taking here. McDermott continues adding weapons to his defense. The only reason Christian slipped to this point is because of his initial questionable love for the game, but his leadership and heroic locker room speeches saved his draft status as a first-round pick. Adding Mack and now Christian, the Bills defense has a bright future for the foreseeable future.


23.los-angeles-rams-logo Los Angeles Rams

OT Bud-Lite Kaminski — The Program

Image result for Bud-Lite Kaminski

Needs: CB, OG, EDGE

The Rams didn’t want to reach for a player here that they felt like wasn’t worthy or an immediate need. Instead, they decided to find the heir apparent to Andrew Whitworth at left tackle. Kaminski was without a doubt a goofy individual, but the Rams believe that shadowing Whitworth for a few years will help him grow up because the talent is one of the easiest traits to notice about him.


24.carolina-panthers-logoCarolina Panthers

WR— Deacon Moss — The Longest Yard

Image result for deacon moss longest yard

Needs: EDGE, WR, CB

The Panthers made it an emphasis to get Cam Newton some help on the perimeter. We’re not sure how the personalities between Moss and Newton will co-exist, but there’s no doubt about Moss’ talent. He, like many others in this brutal draft class, come with lots of character issues. His attitude, toughness and alpha mentality makes it too tough for Ron Rivera to pass him up though. Oh yeah, and it is Michael Irvin. One of the top NFL receivers ever.


25.tennessee-titans-logo Tennessee Titans

WR — Clifford Franklin — The Replacements

Image result for clifford franklin the replacements

Needs: EDGE, OG, S

By far considered the biggest reach of the first-round was the Titans selection of Franklin. Mike Vrabel felt as if the newly revolutionized offense needed a deep threat for Marcus Mariota. Franklin provides that. Known for his famous stickum laced hands, which the NFL will allow him to wear since Jerry Rice did it, he is clearly one of the biggest boom or bust prospects of this entire draft class.


26.atlanta-falcons-logo Atlanta Falcons

SS — Spike Hammersmith — Little Giants

Related image

Needs: OG, DT, S

Hammersmith is the exact type of player Dan Quinn loves. He doesn’t take any junk talk from anyone and believes he’s the best player on the field no matter what. Pairing Spike alongside Keanu Neal potentially gives them one of the better young safety tandems in the entire NFL. Hammersmith is expected to fill the Kam Chancellor type of role in their defense.


27.new-orleans-saints-logo New Orleans Saints

QB — Lance Harbor — Varsity Blues

Image result for lance harbor varsity blues

Needs: ILB, S, DT

The franchise once took a chance on a QB that got injured and eventually got his spot filled by a younger QB before and they opt to do it again with another signal-caller in a similar situation. Drew Brees is obviously on the back-end of his career. With Harbor suffering a horrible knee injury, he has time to be patient in his rehab because the Saints don’t necessarily need him at least for another couple of seasons. This pick makes all the sense in the world for both sides.


28.pittsburgh-steelers-logo Pittsburgh Steelers

LB — Danny Bateman — The Replacements

Image result for danny bateman replacements

Needs: ILB, OT, S

Whenever you think of the old school Pittsburgh Steelers and the Steel Curtain, you imagine a tough, hard hitting defense. Mike Tomlin wants to get back to those roots. Bateman clearly establishes that as he is a linebacker that literally hits anything that moves. The maniac and tone-setter that this defense clearly lacks. There’s concerns about Bateman’s ability to grasp the playbook terminology, which is an issue that the Steelers will have to address in rookie mini-camp.


29.jacksonville-jaguars-logo Jacksonville Jaguars

TE — Brian Murphy — The Replacements

Image result for brian murphy the replacements

Needs: QB, TE, OG

This was a tough decision for the Jaguars brass. They have needs at QB and Guard. Despite Murphy being born deaf, his play-making abilities convinced the franchise to selected him with this pick. He’s unable to hear, but no one goes to Jaguars home games anyway, so crowd noise is rarely ever a factor. The coaching staff will have to implement extra signals in their offense to accommodate Murphy, but they’re willing to do it for their first-round selection.


30.vikings_logo Minnesota Vikings

Nigel Gruff — The Replacements

Image result for nigel gruff the replacements

Needs: DT, OG, QB

What? A kicker? Yes. Gruff is labeled as the next Sebastian Janikowksi, and he ends up being a first-round selection similar to the former Raiders kicker. With their storied history of heartbreaking missed field goal attempts in big moments, Gruff is a logical pick here. The “wiry” kicker has shown that he can make kicks from 65-yards out easily. He should put the franchise at ease, even though he does have a questionable off the field lifestyle and disturbing cigarette addiction.

31.new-england-patriots-logo New England Patriots

ATH — Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger — Rudy

Image result for rudy movie

Needs: CB, EDGE, QB

One thing is certain, Bill Belichick loves drafting or finding prospects that are underdogs and have redemption stories. Rudy was finally accepted to be a walk-on, non-scholarship player on Notre Dame’s practice squad. Finally convincing head coach Devine to put him in the game on the final play, Rudy quickly sacked the QB. Rudy checks all the boxes and is a prime example of a player that exemplifies the “Patriot Way”.


32.  philadelphia-eagles-logo Philadelphia Eagles

RB — Boobie Miles  Friday Night Lights

Related image

Needs: OT, ILB, CB

The Eagles have zero problems with taking running backs with knee issues. With the final pick in the draft and an already loaded roster, Howie Roseman can afford to take a risk here. Miles’ knee issues are well documented, but if they are able to get him in his pre-injury form, this is a steal for the reigning Super Bowl champions. The trio of Ajayi, Clement and now Miles gives the Eagles the three-headed monster similar to what helped them take home the Lombardi Trophy a season ago.



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