Top Plays: Vikings vs Bengals

Top Plays: Vikings vs Bengals

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Top Plays: Vikings vs Bengals

NFC North Champions. That’s what a great team does to a poor one, they beat them down. In previous contests against Chicago and Cleveland the Vikings came out slow. They looked different today. They looked like a contender.

There’s so much work still to do, but seeing them coast to a victory warmed my heart. They delivered in every way. Case poised, deadly accurate. Latavius ripping off runs 10 at a time, Jet exposing all the holes in a defense. Rudy catching touchdowns and Bash Brothers Kendricks doing that too. Captain Newman delivering another INT. Teddy Bridgewater stepping back onto the field. This is our feel good story.

Here are the Top Plays:

3rd and 3 at CIN 26

(11:47 – 1st) (Shotgun) C.Keenum pass short right to A.Thielen to CIN 5 for 21 yards (V.Rey).

Thielen WK15

Watch Again For

Given all the success passing to RBs, watch McKinnon sprint out right and finish the play blocking. He pulls the DB out of the zone, opening up space for Thielen. STAY TUNED!


3rd and 6 at CIN 23

(5:54 – 1st) Eric Kendricks 31 Yrd Interception Return (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is GOOD.

Kendricks WK15

Watch Again For:

While the broadcast view shows Dalton throwing to 5 Vikings, this angle shows his intended receiver. I don’t think he ever saw Kendricks. NEWMAN HAD IT ANYWAYS!


3rd and 2 at MIN 31

(9:47 – 2nd) (Shotgun) C.Keenum pass short right to J.McKinnon to CIN 28 for 41 yards (W.Jackson).

Jet WK15

Watch Again For:

It’s the same play as the first one, with different personnel. This time Shurmur catches them in man and McKinnon is wide open. HE JETS THROUGH THAT DEFENSE!


2nd and 16 at CIN 20

(6:41 – 2nd) Stefon Diggs Pass From Case Keenum for 20 Yrds (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is GOOD.

Diggs WK15

Watch Again For:

The Bengals show a single high safety look, and Keenum plays it perfectly. Look one way, then turn and throw a dart the other way. TEXTBOOK BABY!


1st and 10 at MIN 16

(10:38 – 4th) J.McKinnon up the middle to MIN 25 for 9 yards (C.Fejedelem).

Teddy WK15

Watch Again For:

Teddy’s first play in about 22 months. Were you at the game? If so, you should thank that safety for making the tackle, because you wouldn’t have eardrums if he didn’t. SPECIAL MOMENT!


Final Take

The Minnesota Vikings look like the team we dared to dream of. The season hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been so great you can barely complain. The sun is shining up north. Set your sights high and enjoy the ride. The train is moving so fast now that they’ll either break on through or crash and burn

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