Top Plays: Vikings At Panthers

Top Plays: Vikings At Panthers

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Top Plays: Vikings At Panthers

On the Ringer NFL Podcast and they talked about how every good team has a “what the hell” game during the season. They were referencing New England’s loss to Miami Monday night, but I believe the same applies to our Vikings here. This loss reminds us that “Any Given Sunday” isn’t just a movie. But we’re Vikings fans. We’ve seen “what the hell” games at way less opportune times than this. So I’ll take it.

Nonetheless, we watched a sad comedy of errors. The turnovers, penalties, drops and poor gap integrity started right out of the gate and strangled our purple all game long. You can’t expect to win a game like that, but they almost stole one at the end.

Here are the Top Plays:

2nd and 10 at CAR 18

(6:28 – 1st) Kyle Rudolph Pass From Case Keenum for 18 Yrds K.Forbath extra point is GOOD

Rudy WK14Watch Again For:

Keenum had two open receivers underneath. It was second down. Rudolph had three guys around him. Logic says check down but Case made a completely ill-advised, perfect throw.

1st and 10 at MIN 26

(11:07 – 4th) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Keenum pass short right to S.Diggs to MIN 48 for 22 yards (K.Coleman).

Diggs WK14 Watch Again For:

Should we be upset Stefon went down so easy? Nah. Every fan wants to see fights for every yard…until those fights end in fumbles. Given all the other errors, I’m OK with this play.


2nd and 4 at MIN 48

(5:36 – 4th) Adam Thielen 52 Yd pass from Case Keenum (Case Keenum Pass to Blake Bell for Two-Point Conversion)

Thielen WK14 Watch Again For:

Killer Bs: Blake Bell’s Block


3rd and 5 at CAR 30

(4:47 – 4th) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short middle intended for C.McCaffrey INTERCEPTED by A.Sendejo at CAR 40. A.Sendejo to CAR 6 for 34 yards (M.Kalil; C.Newton).

Dejo WK14 Watch Again For:

Dejo got to the six on a poor decision to cut the run back inside. You have to think he gets there, maybe more, maybe everything, if he keeps down the sideline

Final Takes

  • That fourth quarter thrilled us. The first half did too. That game was the up and down roller coaster that football is at its best. You really had no idea what was going to happen on the next play. Each big play took me by complete surprise. One big walloping swing in momentum after the other.
  • Some of us refuse to admit it, but Cam Newton is a dynamic playmaker. His passing didn’t show up on the pass sheet but he made two epic throws. His game breaking runs showed his speed. How many QBs can pull away from Anthony Barr? When Cam Newton is at his best, he’s a top 5 QB easily.
  • The already tight NFC race got even tighter with the way Week 14’s game panned out. This keeps full pressure on Minnesota and I love it. Despite the loss our purple just had that attitude the entire game. A quiet confidence and commitment to every play. It’s time to stop expecting perfect games. It’s time to win despite that lack of perfection.

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