Top Plays: Vikings at Lions

Top Plays: Vikings at Lions

There’s nothing like a little Thanksgiving drama! We try to contain our football emotions, but a win or a loss can make that meal sweet or bitter. Winning in Detroit is no easy task. It was a close affair but our Vikings still made a statement yesterday. A statement of consistency. We look the part of a team that can hang with any team, in any stadium. You’re going to get Minnesota’s best effort.

Here are the Top Plays:

1st and 10 at DET 42

(4:55 – 1st) M.Stafford FUMBLES (Aborted) at DET 37, RECOVERED by MIN-D.Hunter at DET 39. D.Hunter to DET 39 for no gain (A.Abdullah)

Hunter WK12

Instant Reaction

Oh baby its Vikings ball! A missed hand off and you can’t make those mistakes against us NO YOU CAN’T! Hunter hops on it and The Vikings are back in the driver’s seat! A touchdown here makes an early statement!

Upon Further Review

While the Lions made a late run, they started in lackluster fashion which hurt them deeply. Their boldness to take the opening kickoff resulted in a quick punt and then this fumble. The Vikings took full advantage, minus a few blocked kicks to build the early lead.


2nd and 11 at DET 40

(4:27 – 1st)  (No Huddle) C.Keenum pass short left to J.McKinnon to DET 9 for 31 yards (N.Lawson)

McKinnon WK12

Instant Reaction

Oh man not the best pass on the screen, but then Jet gets a head of steam and streaks down the field like a Chess Rook! GO GO JERICK SPEED! It’s back to the red zone and a two score lead is in sight! This is a fantastic start!

Upon Further Review

All American Hero Case Keenum produced a 9 yard touchdown run on the next play. These two plays combined with Minnesota’s stellar opening drive put a huge smile on our faces on Turkey Day. This game wasn’t all gravy, but the opening quarter was. A rarity for the Vikings this year.


1st and 10 at DET 22

(0:37 – 2nd) Kyle Rudolph Pass From Case Keenum for 22 Yards. K.Forbath extra point is GOOD

Rudy WK12

Instant Reaction

Dime! A FREAKING DIME! A post to Rudy against Whitehead to dagger DET before halftime! Case hung in there and hit on his shot to Rudolph, just nestled it in there between three Lions defenders in the corner of the end zone.

Upon Further Review

Whew, this game got wild in the 2nd quarter! Detroit’s offense started to put it together, and blocked a FG to further swing the momentum. We thought this score would end the threat, but the Lions struck again before halftime and hung in there all game.


1st and 10 at MIN 25

(15:00 – 3rd) L.Murray up the middle pushed ob at DET 29 for 46 yards (D.Slay)

 Murray WK12

Instant Reaction

THERE TAY GOES. Murray starts the 3rd quarter free! Latavius hits the interior hole with speed, makes two tacklers miss and accelerates down the left flank! Smash them in the mouth OLine! Beat them and batter them!

Upon Further Review

Another special drive. Our purple’s offense delivered play after play after play in Detroit.  This one consisted of four straight runs, 100% success, and the touchdown that proved to be the game winning score. Minnesota went up by 17, but the Cats came back. They just wouldn’t stay away.


4th and 7 at DET 28

(3:00 – 4th) (Shotgun) M.Stafford pass short left intended for M.Jones INTERCEPTED by X.Rhodes at DET 37. X.Rhodes to DET 16 for 21 yards (E.Ebron)

Rhodes WK12

Instant Reaction

Do you smell that? It’s not your thanksgiving turkey, IT’S THE SWEET SMELL OF VICTORY! Rhodes contests at the catch point and wins! He nabs the deflected ball and finally puts Jones in his place. Second place.

Upon Further Review

The Lions WRs were excellent. They made a ton of plays on contested balls. They were the heartbeat of Detroit’s valiant effort, but it wasn’t enough. I applaud them and Stafford for putting up the fight. You have to wonder why that team is built so one-dimensionally though.

Final Take

Lions fans were getting way too loud about their average team. Sure they had won three straight but those games were against Green Bay, Cleveland, and Chicago. Our purple handled them in a game they controlled throughout. It’s another solid win in Zimmer fashion. Meanwhile, Case locked down the starting job throughout the long week. He’s got my full confidence, as does the entire team. Two tough road games await! Upward and Onward!

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