Top Plays: Vikings vs Rams

Top Plays: Vikings vs Rams

Whew! Did we have fun watching that game or what! Sunday’s game of the week turned out to be special for the Vikings! US Bank Stadium rocked as Minnesota took down a relevant NFC foe and locked in their position as the second best team in the NFC. They put together a complete game.

The craziest part? They left some meat on the bone! Two great drives ended in no points! That’s as negative as I’ll get right now because I just watched a DOMINANT WIN SKOL! Let’s review the top plays:

2nd and Goal at LAR 8

(13:31 – 2nd) Latavius Murray 8 Yard Rush. (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is GOOD

Murray WK11

Instant Reaction

COME ON RIDE TAY TRAIN! CHOO CHOO RIDE IT! Murray trucks through that hole and carries the linebacker into the end zone with him. They gritted and ground their way back into this game. Let’s Go!

Upon Further Review

Many of us fans started feeling nervous. The Rams marched and the Vikings bumbled on their respective opening possessions. After that our purple showed up in a big way. Latavius ran hard, defeating stud defenders like Aaron Donald and Alec Ogletree.


3rd and 4 at MIN 11

(4:11 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Goff pass short middle to C.Kupp to MIN 1 for 10 yards (A.Harris). FUMBLES (A.Harris), RECOVERED by MIN-A.Harris at MIN 1.

Harris WK11

Instant Reaction

What a play what a play what a very fine play! Kupp wins on a slant again but Harris strips him before he can cross the goal line! The ball’s loose and Harris recovers it on the one! Oh My Goodness YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Huge play my voice is gone!

Upon Further Review

Undoubtedly the play of the game. Our backup safety put in a studly performance headlined by this wondrous strip and recovery. Kupp had beaten Alexander twice at this point, so he looked threatening, but this blunder ended LA’s last material chance to put up meaningful points.


1st and 10 at MIN 25

(10:07 – 2nd) (Shotgun) C.Keenum pass deep left to K.Rudolph to LA 47 for 28 yards (A.Ogletree).

Rudolph WK11 

Instant Reaction

Case has time and he’s going for it… Wooahhhhh IT’S A DIME to Rudy! A strike to take us across midfield and takeover the game! That first drive was a fluke man. Only penalties can hold the Vikings back. Use whatever weapon you’d like Case!

Upon Further Review

The Vikings came up empty, but I think this play exemplifies everything we watch with Case Keenum. He makes all the simple plays. He minimizes mistakes. And then he goes above and beyond with throws like this one. On the next play he scrambled for another first down. You have to love his effort.


1st and 10 at MIN 29

(5:16 – 3rd) L.Murray right tackle to LA 46 for 25 yards (R.Quinn).

Murray WK11 2 

Instant Reaction

A SEAL HERE! A SEAL THERE! There Tay goes, bursting through the open hole and we’re across midfield in one play! Come on! The game is within our reach! No more mistakes! No more Field Goal attempts! Prove you got what it takes boys!

Upon Further Review

What a day from Tay. In a game full of ups and downs, he remained one of the offensive constants. At this point Kai Forbath had sailed a field goal attempt wide right and bounced another try off the left post. Those misses ruined two solid offensive drives. But the Vikings wouldn’t be denied. They struck back with yet another churning series. Murray stuffed in the go-ahead touchdown 11 plays later.


2nd and 10 at MIN 35

(10:14 – 4th) Adam Thielen Pass From Case Keenum for 65 Yrds (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is GOOD

Thielen WK11

Instant Reaction

Oh Thielen works back to the football on a curl route and he’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. Adam Thielen OHHHHHHHHH I love him I love him and where he goes I’ll follow I’ll follow. Never ever stop wearing purple!

Upon Further Review

GAME. OVER. The game started even. It was a fun tough battle between two NFC heavyweights and that edge carried into the second half. Then our purple broke Los Angeles through sustained dominance on both sides of the ball. Capped by our Phenom, Adam Thielen.

Final Take

The top plays don’t do the defense justice. The Vikings faced the best offense in the NFL. The Rams score 32.9 per game but only put up seven points. Once McVay’s scripted plays ran out, Zimmer manhandled him. They harassed Goff and handled Gurley. And now the offense has risen in both running and passing to give the Vikings supreme balance. Our purple can beat anybody.

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