Vikings at Redskins: Top Plays

Vikings at Redskins: Top Plays

In Washington, the Vikings played their most fun game of the season. They went into an NFC opponent’s house and came out on top in a game full of big plays. We saw lots of yards and points. We saw turnovers at key moments. Most importantly, we saw confirmation that this team is a top tier NFL contender. Here are the Top Plays from a wild one!


1st and 10 at MIN 47

(9:48 – 1st) C.Keenum pass deep right to S.Diggs pushed ob at WAS 2 for 51 yards (J.Norman)

Diggs WK10

Instant Reaction

Down seven already. We can’t start slow. WE DON’T START SLOW! Case calls for a deep shot to Diggs and HITS. Great throw by Keenum! Stefon burns Norman on a double move. That play was everything but the TD! We’re in business NOW SCORE.

Upon Further Review

Washington opened with a touchdown on an amazing catch by Maurice Harris. I feared this was big trouble, as Case and the offense have typically started slow, but they answered right back! It was a furious first half. On this play Case showed the elite accuracy that he featured all day. It led to a 72% completion percentage, 10.5 yards per attempt, and 98.9 QBR. A career day from Case, who continues to impress. The four touchdowns were just icing on the cake.


1st and 20 at MIN 46

(8:10 – 2nd) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short middle to J.Crowder pushed ob at MIN 14 for 32 yards (A.Sendejo) [T.Johnson].

Crowder WK10

Instant Reaction

Get to the QB! The lack of pass rush hurts again as Cousins finds Crowder across the middle. Wide open. Jamison sprints for the first down unencumbered and the Redskins are in the red zone yet again. This game is getting crazy.

Upon Further Review

Back and forth they went. There were times when it looked like basketball on grass. While the Vikings defense has been great, the Redskins offense is very good and showed they could move the ball against our purple. I was also really impressed with Jay Gruden’s play calling. Luckily, the defense was able to hold Washington to two red zone field goals. Those eight points proved to be the difference.

1st and 10 at WSH 25

(1:38 – 2nd) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short middle intended for J.Crowder INTERCEPTED by M.Alexander at WAS 33. M.Alexander to WAS 23 for 10 yards (C.Roullier).

Mack WK10 

Instant Reaction

Wow this is such an entertaining game. Still beaming after that Thielen drive and MACK ATTACKS! It’s a PICK at the Redskins 30! Cousins misses Crowder high, making a crucial mistake that Alexander makes him fully pay for. I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS DEFENSE AHHHHHHHH!

Upon Further Review

The offense made Cousins pay too by converting this turnover into another touchdown, pushing our purple to a double digit lead. They weren’t settling for field goals today. Key turnovers were a big story. Mack generated the key turning point. The game went from “back and forth” to “Vikings in control” on this play.


1st and 10 at MIN 39

(13:44 – 3rd) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Keenum pass deep middle to A.Thielen to WAS 12 for 49 yards (J.Norman). 

 Thielen WK10

Instant Reaction

It’s a floater please don’t get picked. ITS NOT. It’s a beautiful rainbow to Thielen and the Vikings are in striking distance AGAIN. Case kept the play alive just long enough for Thielen to work through his route and put up the “I’m open” hand. Man this is fun to watch!

Upon Further Review

Yet another big play was converted into a touchdown for Minnesota. They went up by 18 and that lead proved insurmountable. Washington’s secondary is great, but Diggs and Thielen just made them look like bums out there! These receivers stunned me, it was a happy surprise. Thielen in particular continues to impress.  He exhibits every wide receiver skill you could ask for and will win against every CB2 in the NFL.

2nd and 10 at MIN 2

(14:53 – 4th) (Shotgun) C.Keenum pass short right intended for K.Rudolph INTERCEPTED by D.Swearinger at MIN 33. D.Swearinger to MIN 2 for 31 yards (C.Keenum). FUMBLES (C.Keenum), ball out of bounds at MIN 2

Case WK10

Instant Reaction

That’s just so unacceptable. There’s a lot of time left in this game. He throws to Rudolph without reading the defense and Swearinger almost houses it. Good for him saving the touchdown. Bad for him throwing that ball.

Upon Further Review

The game was starting to get comfortable, but Keenum breathed life back into Washington with back to back interceptions. Both were pretty egregious. Thankfully, the gap was too big for the Redskins to overcome, and the defense was up to task.


Final Take

There’s one thing on everyone’s mind, but I want to enjoy this victory. The Vikings have been pretty bad on the road and after the bye the last few years. They flipped the script this year. Getting a key in-conference win against one of the best teams they faced all year. At 7-2 our purple have proven to be what we hoped for, and more. Look at Rashod Hill and Brian Robison, who both stepped in and played great. Look at Mackensie Alexander and Trae Waynes, who continue to grow. Jarius Wright is scoring touchdowns. Tom Johnson is making huge 4th down stops. This team is awesome.

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