Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Game of Thrones



Training Camp. The first time most fans had seen Teddy Bridgewater up close in almost a year. An atmosphere of optimism filled the camp grounds of Mankato again. The Vikings were holding their final year of training camp in Mankato and the return of Bridgewater appeared like a possibility.


After interviewing a few players, I knew getting an interview with Bridgewater would be impossible. No other interviewers approached him, the assumption was “good luck getting an interview with him…”


Watching interviews or game tape of a player didn’t quite replicate meeting one in person. After watching several autographs given by Bridgewater, I knew football was the last thing he wanted to talk about. The only thought that came to mind was to talk to him like a friend would.

I broke the ice with asking him who his favorite rappers were.

Bridgewater instinctively list a few names “Wale, Chance the Rapper, Rick Ross…”

But another question nagged at me to ask, and I blurted it out without hesitation “Do you watch Game of Thrones…?”

Teddy let’s out a small smile and says “No”

I ended the recording, and in almost a whisper “You should because it’s your story”


The HBO show Game of Thrones is a gross mockery of the carousel of the Vikings history of seasons. Every character we root for is taken away from us in a horrific way. There is one who has remained consistent through it all.

Jon Snow.  There was something about Jon that made us gravitate towards him. Whether it was loyalty to his friends, or leadership that encased him, we couldn’t help but root for him.

The steam Jon Snow picked up seemed unstoppable, little by little he was stepping into the leader the show desperately needed. The cloud of darkness had been suffocating for a while, and a bright light peered through. His rise was imminent and for a minute we became believers, and then the unthinkable happened…Jon Died.

Any hope that we had for the series ended with his final breath. Who were we going to turn to? The cold air of hopelessness created shivers down our spine. It froze our tears, because we had been through this story before. We huddled together and put our hopes into other characters, but nothing quite filled the void.

Amidst our mourning something as equal miraculous came to the forefront. Jon was Alive again. If there was anything we learned from the series, the daunting realization that our favorite characters death was permanent.

Jon won’t be enough though, he will need to rely on friendships he’s built. He will need all of this to win the Iron Throne and show the might of the North. The ardent winter storm will be harsh, but the journey has been full of thrill.


It appears it is finally time for Jon to take his rightful place on the throne. The Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater both want a return to the field. He cannot do it alone, but his miraculous comeback from a potential career ending injury is one of an HBO tv show. The stage is set for his return, all that is left is for young Bridgewater is to “Call God.”

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