Top Plays: Vikings vs. Ravens

Top Plays: Vikings vs. Ravens

TRAP GAME MY ASS! Minnesota looked the part against an inferior opponent from the first snap. They finished their home stand with another win, putting them at 4-1 at US Bank Stadium. There haven’t been any major letdowns lately. Just solid football and solid wins. Baltimore, like Green Bay, will cite injuries as the reason our purple beat them so badly. We know the real reason. This team is gooood.

Here are the Top Plays:

 1st and 10 at BAL 36

(12:53 – 1st) C.Keenum pass deep right intended for L.Treadwell INTERCEPTED by B.Carr at BLT 2. B.Carr pushed ob at BLT 35 for 33 yards (J.Berger)

Carr WK7

Instant Reaction

Oh no but they were off to such a great start! Bad decision to throw there, no separation, and terrible officiating. Wow looking at the replay that’s a full arm grab! OK I can’t even be that mad then, but what a waste.

Upon Further Review

Luckily, that missed penalty didn’t hurt too much. The Viking started this game white hot, with a Danielle Hunter sack, forced Three-and-Out, then a 46 yard Marcus Sherels punt return. The interception quickly sapped all that momentum, but the offense managed to bounce back


1st and 10 at MIN 25

(15:00 – 3rd) L.Murray left tackle to BLT 40 for 35 yards (P.Onwuasor; L.Webb)

Murray Run WK7

Instant Reaction

TAY TRAIN has LEFT THE STATION. Murray cuts back then gains STEAM, plowing through the open field, stiff arming a Raven down to the ground, and crossing midfield into plus territory. Great start to the half!

Upon Further Review

I loved this play for multiple reasons. First of all Tay showed us his best self on the run. It also led to three more points right after halftime when the game was still in limbo. Finally, it just speaks to how versatile the offense is becoming. It seems like every week a different player steps up in a big way.


1st and 10 at BAL 29

(7:58 – 3rd) Latavius Murray 29 Yard Rush (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is No Good, Hit Right Upright

Murray TD WK7

Instant Reaction

ALL ABOARD! A seal here, a seal there, and TAY TRAIN PLOWS through the middle of Baltimore’s defense! Look at that Juke and Dive to find the end zone! FINALLY a TD. Then of course Kai misses the XP.

Upon Further Review

Latavius Murray leveled up today. He was the tough sledding presence they’ve need in the backfield to close out games. We can’t always expect the big runs like this one, but man he looked special in the open field too. Great blocking today too!


2nd and 10 at MIN 48

(14:02 – 4th) (Shotgun) C.Keenum pass deep left to J.Wright to BLT 22 for 30 yards (L.Webb)

Wright WK7

Instant Reaction

Peek A BOO! The WRIGHT STUFF makes another appearance! He stretches for the fantastic diving grab after sprinting out to the left sideline from the slot. And we’re BACK in FG range, BUT WE WANT MORE. A TD puts them away here!

Upon Further Review

I’m torn! Plays like this give us so much hope, but the Vikings offense also stalled multiple times today. They settled for field goal after field goal after field goal! It’s a good thing Kai brought it today. Also, Jarius Wright is the best WR5 in the NFL.


1st and 10 at BAL 45

(2:00 – 4th) (Shotgun) J.Flacco sacked at BLT 40 for -5 yards (E.Griffen). FUMBLES (E.Griffen) [E.Griffen], recovered by BLT-C.Moore at BLT 38. C.Moore pushed ob at BLT 38 for no gain (E.Kendricks)

Griffen WK7

Instant Reaction

Griffen’s coming around the corner…WHAM. Flacco didn’t see that coming at all but I sure did! He immediately fumbles, but it bounces right to another Raven. That would have been game over! Still a very fun play to watch.

Upon Further Review

Ironically, the Ravens only touchdown came later on this drive. Still, I think the play exemplifies the dominant defensive performance we saw. Baltimore looked out of sorts as Griffen, Hunter, Joseph, Barr and Kendricks beat and battered the all game long. The defense generated 5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Zimmer’s defense is a hard, relentless, Purple Rain.


Final Take

The formula is clear. Our great players are playing great. Our good players are playing well. Our average players are holding their own. All the way down the roster, we see athletes playing near the peak of their capabilities, which is really all we can ask for. Sherels being Sherels, Keenum being Keenum. Griffen being Griffen, Forbath being Forbath. There’s a quiet confidence on the team and in the fan base.

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