Top Plays: Vikings vs Packers

Top Plays: Vikings vs Packers

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Top Plays: Vikings vs Packers

The Vikings came out extremely focused. They brought a physical brand of football to this game, and I refuse to let that be lost because of the Aaron Rodgers injury. Regarding the injury: Yes, it was a legal hit. Yes, Rodgers usually gets a flag there. Yes, I sympathize with Rodgers and his health. I’m not happy to see him hurt, but I have no sympathy with how it changed this game or the Packers’ season. This is Minnesota. We’ve been through all the injuries lately. You Know Nothing, Green Bay.

Let’s get to the top five plays:


3rd and 2 at GB 26

(0:12 – 1st) (Shotgun) B.Hundley pass short left intended for G.Allison INTERCEPTED by X.Rhodes (M.Alexander) at GB 29. X.Rhodes to GB 27 for 2 yards (G.Allison)

Rhodes WK6Instant Reaction

Third down let’s get off the field now! Hundley dishes a short pass to the right and it’s TIPPED, then PICKED, YES! X is coming for YA! Can’t do nothing for YA! So happy to see Mackensie factor in there as well. This defense is a gift that keeps on giving! Let’s hope that rattles Hundley permanently!

Upon Further Review

The defense almost immediately forced a Hundley turnover. That shows just how driven our Vikings were. GB started the game with drives that ended in Punt, Punt, Interception, Punt. Their scoring drives were 30 and 18 yards, respectively. It’s awesome that they didn’t let up when Rodgers went down. Instead they licked their chops.

1st and 10 at GB 27

(14:53 – 2nd) Jerick McKinnon Pass From Case Keenum for 27 Yrds (Kick formation) K.Forbath extra point is GOOD,

McKinnon WK6

Instant Reaction

Blitz oh man get rid of it! Oh nice it’s a screen! Perfect play call! Jet dashes down the right side with Pat and Jeremiah out in front of him! Awesome blocking by Floyd too…he goes ALLL THE WAY JET JET JET touchdown baby! We’re dancing!

Upon Further Review

After a month of struggles, Shurmur’s screen game started to click these last two weeks. Jerick McKinnon may be the perfect running back for it. Jet sprinkled positive plays throughout the game and flashed enough to warrant hope for the long term viability of the rushing attack.


1st and 10 at MIN 18

(12:19 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.McKinnon up the middle to GB 20 for 2 yards (K.Clark). FUMBLES (K.Clark), RECOVERED by GB-C.Matthews at GB 19. C.Matthews to MIN 18 for 63 yards (L.Treadwell). FUMBLES (L.Treadwell), ball out of bounds at MIN 18.

Matthews WK6

Instant Reaction

Yawn another first down run, wait no he fumbled! Goodness Jerick that’s a terrible mistake. Now Matthews is streaking down the left sideline, threatening to score and tie the game. Oh wait good effort by Laquon to end that run.

Upon Further Review

Offensive mistakes kept Green Bay in this game, just as they did against Detroit. Keenum also threw a terrible 2nd quarter interception. All of GB’s points were scored after those turnovers. Even if the offense is only average, the big blunders have to go. They marred an otherwise dominant performance.


2nd and 5 at MIN 22

(4:38 – 3rd) C.Keenum pass deep left to L.Treadwell pushed ob at MIN 47 for 25 yards (H.Clinton-Dix) [C.Matthews]

 Treadwell WK6

Instant Reaction

Ohhhhhh Laqoun Go on up boy ! That’s what we’ve been waiting for! And Case hangs in there tough to deliver that throw, taking a bit hit from Clay Matthews. We’re at midfield, driving again, and this offense is starting to gain some momentum. Time to put them away boys!

Upon Further Review

While the offense didn’t fully put this game out of reach, they did convert three consecutive field goals to start the second half. In any event, I’m really pleased with the efforts from Thielen, Treadwell, and Rudolph. Laquon of course made the flashiest play, but Adam was also superb. You hear that? That’s our role players are starting to make some noise.


3rd and 2 at GB 45

(14:17 – 4th) B.Hundley pass short left intended for J.Nelson INTERCEPTED by H.Smith at MIN 46. H.Smith pushed ob at GB 35 for 19 yards (J.Nelson)

 Smith WK6

Instant Reaction

Third down AGAIN let’s go! Danielle is hunting, Hundley gets rid of it in time but HITMAN makes an amazing play! Woo! Oh my I’m enamored. It wasn’t even just a catch. He deflects it and decides he wants to catch it too all in a split second. What a play from Hitman. What a day from Hitman.

Upon Further Review

Harrison Smith exemplified the entire defensive effort. He delivered two powerful third down sacks, broke up two other passes, netted another tackle for loss, and allowed just two catches for 12 yards in coverage. Yet all those awesome words can’t even do it justice! Harry brought wood on every play. And the defense followed his lead.

Final Take

The Vikings got their statement win and are 2-0 when I’m wearing the white 80 jersey. They move to 4-2 in a jumbled NFC that’s ripe for the taking. Most consider their next two games against Baltimore and Cleveland to be very winnable. Yes, the arrow is trending up. I’m apprehensive about declaring them 6-2. Think we should all pump the brakes there. I’m confident though that we’ll look back on this game as one of the key inflection points in the 2017 season.

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