Top Plays: Vikings at Bears

Top Plays: Vikings at Bears

I have to apologize guys. Tonight started with a hyped Flip. Then I pulled my away Cris Carter jersey out of the closet five minutes before kickoff and saw a giant orange stain in the mirror. It remarkably resembled Chicago’s orange hue. Thus, I started this game incredibly unfocused as I thrust the jersey into the washing machine hoping that cursed orange color would go away. It did, and I slung it back on moments before Everson Griffen’s sack fumble. My bad.

Here are the top plays:


3rd and 15 at MIN 5

(1:31 – 1st) Leonard Floyd Safety

Bradford WK5

Instant Reaction

What have you done with Sam Bradford? What have you done with Pat Shurmur? Sam holds the ball WAY TOO long. It results in a bad sack safety after great protection by the offensive line. The crappy play calling, with fullback draws and short wide receiver screens at our own 10 yard line, doesn’t help!

Upon Further Review

My goodness. What a terrible start to that game. The defense just barely held on against a bad offense, despite struggles by our old scapegoat Trae Waynes. The offense tanked, hitting rock bottom with this safety. The game’s first points were also the Vikings’ third straight 3-and-Out. Eerily similar to last year’s game at Soldier Field. Still, the defense held.


1st and 10 at CHI 20

(2:34 – 2nd) (Shotgun) M.Trubisky sacked at CHI 13 for -7 yards (E.Griffen). FUMBLES (E.Griffen), RECOVERED by MIN-L.Joseph at CHI 13. L.Joseph to CHI 13 for no gain (C.Leno)

Griffen WK5

Instant Reaction

Oh yeahhhhh Sack daddy let’s go baby! When the night has come and the land is dark and the moon is the only light you’ll see, LEAN ON HIM. Sam sucked, defense starting to suffer from fatigue, Chicago gaining momentum, and boom Captain Everson Griffen makes the play to put them in field goal range!

Upon Further Review

There were 123 plays in this game. Six were big, 10 were bad penalties and the rest, very forgettable. Of all those, this strip sack may be the biggest. I will take three offside penalties for every jump like this Griffen gets if it means a turnover. At this point the offense was so stagnant that vultures were circling above. They didn’t even move the ball after the turnover, but the resulting field goal got our purple the lead going into halftime.


2nd and 7 at CHI 13

(8:16 – 3rd) Kyle Rudolph Pass From Case Keenum for 13 Yards

Rudolph WK5

Instant Reaction

Rudolph the TOCUHDOWN REINDEER. Come on now that’s a drive. Ohhhhhhh haha what a great celebration duck duck goose NOW we know what they were focused on all weekend! Let’s see ALLL the TD celebrations they practiced let’s go now boys!

Upon Further Review

Yup. Starting Bradford was the wrong call. Keenum just did all the little things. He moved in the pocket just a bit. He checked down just a little bit quicker. Our play makers did the rest. Given the lack of Bradford, Cook and Diggs, our skill positions were phenomenal tonight. Did everything asked of them. The offense grinded though this entire game.


2nd and 5 at MIN 42

(3:31 – 3rd) Jerick McKinnon 58 Yard Rush K.Forbath extra point is GOOD, Center-K.McDermott, Holder-R.Quigley.

McKinnon WK5

Instant Reaction

Jet Jet Jet away! Every bit of fuel used up as Jet dashes through the Bears defense and finishes the home run play! That’s the big play they needed! Didn’t think they had it in them this game. It started with a big Floyd 3rd down conversion and Jet FINISHED.


Upon Further Review

After a Bears fake punt brought Chicago back into contention. Jet delivered this powerful and necessary blow. Jerick ran with purpose all night. What happens when RBs go through tough sledding? They get rewarded with a break away run! Jerick beasted and feasted tonight


1st and 10 at MIN 20

(12:24 – 4th) Zach Miller Pass From Mitchell Trubisky for 20 Yards TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. M.Trubisky rushes right end. ATTEMPT SUCCEEDS. #10 M. Trubisky handed off to #24 J. Howard who handed off to #86 Z. Miller who lateraled to #10 M. Trubisky

Sendejo WK5

Instant Reaction

Oh myyy give me a break I just want to win. Hey Zimmer I have a clue it’s a freakin’ bootleg! All the plays are bootlegs! And Sendejo you MUST finish there man. You have to finish. Woah that’s a pretty nice 2 point conversion.

Upon Further Review


Sometimes Hail Maries aren’t reserved for the end of games. The Bears attempted multiple hail Maries throughout the game and seemed to hit on all of them. It made the game depressing to watch for us Vikings fans. Just close it out! But they couldn’t.


1st and 10 at CHI 10


(2:32 – 4th) (Shotgun) M.Trubisky pass short right intended for Z.Miller INTERCEPTED by H.Smith at CHI 22. H.Smith to CHI 28 for -6 yards (K.Wright).

Smith WK5


Instant Reaction

Oh my goodness what a play. They’ve been testing him and that’s a bad idea! Harry cuts back in front of Miller and makes the rookie Trubisky look like a rookie. In FG RANGE. Let’s WIN THIS!

Upon Further Review

Coming into this game, Chicago saw tons of success when targeting Zach Miller. He’s their go-to guy when passing on 1st and 10. So what’s the answer? HITMAN is the answer! A defensive play woke the Vikings up, and another defensive play put the game away, as Forbath hit the game winner soon after. This Vikings defense will take us to Valhalla.


Final Take

Football tonight resembled survival of the fittest. The Vikings quarterback didn’t look fit in any way shape or form. The role players stepped up in huge ways, and the defense delivered blow after blow after blow. They won in a way that inspires little confidence against Green Bay on a short week. But hey at least they won!

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