Top Plays: Vikings vs Lions

Top Plays: Vikings vs Lions

I’m doing my best to stay positive, but I can’t. Is it enough to just not jump off a cliff? Today was a game I was sure of. The first half confirmed all of it. We had Detroit right where we wanted them. Then, we watched a miserable 15 minutes. 15 minutes that took from them, everything. The Vikings lost at home and they lost ground in the division. The Vikings lost their stud RB (again), and they lost faith in their QB.

Read below for the most important plays:

1st and 10 at DET 25

(15:00 – 1st) M.Stafford sacked at DET 20 for -5 yards (D.Hunter).

Hunter WK4

Instant Reaction

Feast from the start! There’s the BIG GAME HUNTER we know and love. My defensive X-Factor flashes to get the defense off on the right foot. A forceful, powerful disruption that ends up in complete envelopment of Stafford. Now we just need to work on that sack celebration!

Upon Further Review

From the first snap, to the last possession, the defense played at a high level today. They were a few interceptions away from delivering a perfect game despite getting no help from the offense. The Vikings registered six sacks today. DET’s scoring drives benefitted from advantageous field position and little else.


3rd and 17 at DET 24

(0:03 – 1st) (Shotgun) M.Stafford pass deep left to M.Jones to MIN 38 for 38 yards (A.Sendejo).

Jones WK4

Instant Reaction

Oh come on we had them right where we wanted them! Not like this! Not like this. There’s three defenders there all acting like it’s not their fault! Vikings only rushed four there! Cover your zones guys!

Upon Further Review

While it’s hard to criticize the pass defense today, they did let up this big play. It led to Detroit’s only first half points. The bigger issue involved Ameer Abdullah. He spearheaded the Lions’ rushing attack and was the Lions’ only consistent weapon. It was just enough.


2nd and Goal at DET 5

(1:07 – 2nd) Dalvin Cook 5 Yard Rush

Cook WK4

Instant Reaction

NOW WE’RE COOOKIN! Dalvin is cooking, and Diggs is cooking, and Thielen is cooking, and Elflein is cooking, and Remmers is cooking! EVERYBODY’s COOKING! Vikings got the lead baby on a great drive. Fighting and grinding for the victory here! I love it.

Upon Further Review

That TD celebration hyped me up! Minnesota badly need this score. The offense struggled mightily, especially on 3rd downs. To nab the lead before getting the ball on the other side of halftime made an impact. They put it all together on this 11 play, 81 yard touchdown drive.


1st and 10 at MIN 18

(10:35 – 3rd) D.Cook up the middle to MIN 28 for 10 yards (T.Wilson). FUMBLES (T.Wilson), RECOVERED by DET-T.Whitehead at MIN 29. T.Whitehead to MIN 29 for no gain (D.Cook).

Dalvin WK4

Instant Reaction

YESSIR! Burst through that hole and wait what? Another fumble?! Oh my goodness Dalvin is hurt. I hope it isn’t serious but it looks serious. It looks really serious.

Upon Further Review

Sigh. I’m having trouble expressing all the emotions from this play. First of all it’s another fumble that gifted DET points after McKinnon’s wildcat mishap. That sapped all momentum for this game. Second of all we lost Dalvin for the year. That sapped all momentum for this season. There’s no path forward with a backup QB and a backup RB. We know this because of last year, where we also lost both to knee injuries. The situation is sad, frustrating, laughable, and depressing all at the same time.


2nd and 5 at MIN 45

(2:12 – 3rd) C.Keenum pass deep left to S.Diggs pushed ob at DET 23 for 32 yards (T.Wilson) [H.Ngata].

Diggs WK4

Instant Reaction

Case get UP in that pocket! Diggs YES! Can we do this! YES WE CAN! A score here ties the game. They must find a way here. Show the grit and determination that we always knew would be needed to win this one. Punch it in Purple!

Upon Further Review

There wasn’t a lot to cheer for in the second half, but I always give my Vikings a chance in a one score game. My belief was full and real here. But they fell short. Diggs had a great game, however. He made splash plays on the sole touchdown drive and kept them alive late too. He led between and outside the lines today.


Final Take

The Vikings had full control of this game at halftime. Detroit stripped that away by taking advantage of mistakes. They did little else. The McKinnon fumble should eradicate the wildcat from the playbook forever. The Cook fumble gave DET the lead. The Thielen fumble sealed it. Keenum stunk today too. I know we’re hurting without Bradford and Cook. If our Vikes keep shooting themselves in the foot like that, it won’t matter who’s healthy. Eliminating unforced errors is the only path forward.

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