Climbing The Pocket: Episode 25 [Overreaction Season]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this Episode:

Introduction (0:30-1:35)

Yinka’s Question of the Day (1:35-5:55)

  • Pokemon
  • Avengers
  • Jurassic Park
  • ThunderCats
  • See below for Happy Burger

Vikings Talk (5:55-42:10)

  • Thoughts on Everson Griffen deal (5:55)
  • Who should get paid next? (12:00)
  • Which member of Vikings core is most likely to be cut or traded? (14:50)
  • Thoughts on Teddy’s press conference (21:10)
  • Rookie camp reactions (29:55)
  • Overreactions from the 1st day of Training Camp (34:40)
  • Should there be more contact allowed in the offseason? (39:45)

Upcoming Projects (42:10)

  • Yinka – Depth Charts/Training Camp Reporting
  • JR – Top 200 Prospects
  • Myles – What does separation mean in the NFL?
  • Jayson – Sam Bradford Breakout Season





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