Climbing The Pocket: Episode 23 [Inconvenient Truths]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

In this Episode:

Introduction (0:30-1:20)

Yinka’s Question of the Day (1:20-3:55)

  • Dave Chappelle
  • Lavell Crawford
  • Richard Pryor

Random Sports Talk (3:55-51:50)

  • OJ Parole Hearing (4:00)
  • Le’veon Bell Contract Situation (6:50)
  • Is Frank Gore a HOFer? (16:45)
  • Greatest QBs of the Modern Era (23:40)
  • Kirk Cousins to Minnesota? (35:40)

Upcoming Projects (51:50-55:00)

  • Training Camp Preview
  • Depth Chart Series
  • Training Camp Coverage

How should the team handle Teddy once Training Camp begins? (55:00)



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