Climbing The Pocket: Episode 22 [No Myles. No JR. No Problem]

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Climbing The Pocket Podcast

*Apologies for the echo at the beginning of the pod. We get rid of it during Emory’s Interview*

In this Episode:

Introduction (0:30-1:10)

Yinka’s Random Question of the Day (1:10-2:55)

  • House for his Mamma
  • Bigger Studio
  • Brown Estate

Football Talk with Emory Hunt (2:55-36:35)

  • Introduction to Emory Hunt (3:10)
  • Discussion of an NFL Developmental League (4:20)
    • Should the league be run by NFL or NFLPA? (7:30)
    • No Canadian Teams? (8:55)
  • State of the Vikings (10:40)
    • Thoughts on Vikings Offseason (10:40)
      • Dalvin Cook vs Joe Mixon (12:15)
    • Bucky Hodges!!!!!!! (14:40)
    • Free Jarius? Sophomore Surge? (17:10)
    • Optimal Vikings Offense (21:40)
    • Vikings QB Situation (23:25)
    • Upcoming Football Gameplan Projects (32:30)

Upcoming Projects (36:35)

  • Yinka depth chart series
  • Training Camp Coverage



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