Ask Hoodie Anything 5/30/17

Happy Memorial Day Weekend kids! May your steaks be medium rare and your hot dogs be covered in chili sauce (Not that generic Walmart crap, the really good stuff which cost $2 more). Before we get to the questions let’s get some movie reviews out of the way….

Movie review: Snatched

What a waste of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn talents.
1 1/4 Stars

Movie review: Alien Covenant

This was my most anticipated movie of the summer and I was very disappointed in the end result. It is better than Prometheus but the magic of this franchise is long gone. What made the original special was not seeing the Xenomorph that often. In this movie you see him too much. Also some of the plot holes are really bad. WHY EVEN USE JAMES FRANCO?!?!?

Movie review: Baywatch

If you want to see a good, campy T&A movie watch Piranha 3D.  This is utter trash.

Movie review: Pirates of the Caribbean: It Doesn’t Matter What The Title Is Because They Are All The Same Stupid Movie

Enough said.

Movie of the week you may have not seen:   Hush

Available on Netflix right now. This is a wonderful psychological thriller/horror flick. Very well written and a terrifying look at how someone with a disability would handle dealing with someone trying to kill them.

Onto the questions!!!


If 8 is Batman vs Superman and 10 is a Little Caesar’s pizza, my faith in Treadwell is a -75.


Vikings secondary will take a step back this year. Losing Munnerlyn was a bigger deal than most people may realize. How much longer can Newman cheat age? The Vikings can’t afford to lose either Rhodes or Waynes to injury this year for any extended time. Can Mac or Price step up? I sure hope so.



1) Sherels is staying. He’s likely the best punt returner in the NFL and has shown he can return kicks as well.
2) Horace Richardson. If he can stay healthy he might be the real deal.
3) Clemmings and Beavers should both be cut but I can somehow see Clemmings stay but I think he is damaged goods.


Soooooo many turf burns.


I don’t take questions from Canadians.


For a good laugh you have to pick Arif every damn time.


I would give a grade of B for this season’s OL. Reiff, Remmers and Elflein offer an immediate upgrade to the running game. The best part about this OL is if an injury happens the starters can be moved around without too big of a drop in most positions.  I would have given the 2016 OL grade of B-. I HATED giving Kalil $11 million when the money could have went to Penn. I was really hoping for Loadholt to return from injury but we know how that ended.


TJ Clemmings. Anytime someone would come at him he would either fall down or slid to the side and they would fall into the fire.

And finally……..


Scoop out my eyes with a dull spoon.


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