Ask Hoodie Anything 5/19/17

TGIF everyone! Welcome back to another Ask Hoodie Anything. Let’s not waste a moment…..


  The Packers just gave up another touchdown to the Falcons so it is Green Bay by 1 Pinocchio nose.


I would highly recommend trying them as a sauce for your boneless chicken wings.


I’ve contacted InfoWars on this. They will get to this next after they finish their next undercover story: Strawberry Shortcake is a cross dressing double agent for ISIS.


TBH, I feel like both fish have terrible table manners. Always having their mouths open and staring at people. When the bill comes they always flap around in their seats pretending they faked an injury until I have to pay the tab. I would much prefer cats as dining guest.


That’s too private of info to give up but I would be more than happy to share you a picture of Arif Hasan’s zipper catsuit>>>> 


I am a size XL.


Star Trek AINEC.  Star Wars created Jar Jar Binks. Case closed.

Love horror films as long as they are original (Get Out, Blair Witch Project, Hush, Don’t Breathe, ) or great remakes (1982 The Thing). At times you can have a good horror film if they can improve on a certain type of premise (Krampus, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring)

No movie review this week because I did not go see Snatched or King Arthur’s Court but I do have a movie for you to see…..

The Voices.

This is a 2014 movie starring Ryan Reynolds who struggles with mental illness. I came across this by a fluke and I am glad I did. I don’t want to give up too much info about this movie but this is one of Reynolds best roles ever. Anna Kendrick co-stars.

Until next week…..


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