Climbing The Pocket: Episode 05 [Treadwell. Trae. Temecula?]

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In this episode:

  • Yinka be late (0:30-3:00)
  • Wide Receiver talk (3:00-22:00)
  • Cornerback conversation (22:00-31:30)
  • Mike Zimmer Press Conference (31:30-43:00)
    • Shout out to Matthew Coller. Check out the referenced article here.
    • Yinka pours a glass of water while forgetting about the mute button. (40:45)
  • Adam West’s request is fulfilled (43:20-46:00)
  • Yinka tangent (46:00-47:00)
  • Upcoming projects (47:00-47:30)
  • Climbing The Pocket Dynasty League (47:30-48:30)
  • Pour some liquor out for Yinka’s computer (48:30-49:45)
  • JR previews upcoming 2018 prospect series (49:45-50:30)

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