Vikings Draft Breakdown Rounds 5-7

Vikings Draft Breakdown Rounds 5-7

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Vikings Draft Breakdown Rounds 5-7

              Minnesota Vikings Draft Breakdown Rounds 5-7

Round 5/170: Rodney Adams, 6-1 189 pounds, WR South Florida’

        Strengths: Ran a 4.4 Forty time and his play speed shows it. Can beat defenses deep or in short game. Aggressive with ball in his hands. Can turn a loss into a positive gain. Very shifty coming off the line. Averaged over 25 yards per kick return.
          Weaknesses: A lot of questions about ball security and if he can make contested catches in traffic. Had a high drop rate, and fumbled 5 times on just 90 touches. Very thin frame with small hands. Very poor blocking receiver.

         Summary: Adams will likely take over the Cordarrelle Patterson role, and is poised to do it well. While he’s got a few things to clean up, hell start by taking over kick returning duties. Don’t expect much out of him as a receiver early on, but if he can take the necessary steps for the next level, He could become quite the dual threat.  He can be used to take the top off of defenses. KR and possibly WR5

(VIA Mockdraftable)

Round 5/180: Danny Isidora, 6-3 306 pounds, Guard Miami

                   Strengths: Quick feet and incredible balance for size. Long arms with strong hands.  Very instinctive. Picks up on stunts, Gets to second level with ease. Excels in zone run schemes. Shows his power upon initial contact.

                 Weaknesses: For a strong guy, he needs to figure out how to utilize his strength. Most of his struggles come in pass protection. Struggles against power rushers. Has to work harder than he should to maintain positioning, Tends to do just enough to successfully block rather than beat his man.

                Summary: 3 year starter with plenty overall experience. Isidora has a few things to clean up, but with time and proper coaching should become the Vikings starting RG. His balance and instincts are solid, but needs to use his play strength from start to finish. The initial punch is there, but tends to struggle from there on. His success in zone run blocking schemes will likely give him a good shot at competing with Berger, as its evident that the Vikings are going to more of a zone blocking scheme. Likely to start out as backup RG.

                                                     (VIA Mockdraftable)

Round 6/201: Bucky Hodges, 6-6 257 pounds, TE Virginia Tech
                    Strengths: His combination of size and speed can be used often to create mismatches. Big catch radius, Not scared of making catches in traffic. Great vision and adjusts well to the ball. Has lined up everywhere possible. Having played in a pro style and a spread offense, he has an extensive route Tree for a tight end.

                   Weaknesses: More of a big raw WR rather than a TE. Doesn’t have the strength to be an efficient blocker. Was barely used as a blocker in his career at VT. (only 3% of his snaps).  Tends to catch with his body. While he has an extensive route tree, he needs to work on his routes. Getting in and out of breaks quicker, creating separation. Struggles making tough catches.

                    Summary: Starting out hell compete with Nick Truesdell for the TE3 spot behind Rudolph and Morgan. Its easy for fans to get excited about Hodges when they hear his play style being compared to Jimmy Graham. But temper expectations. Bucky has to ramp up his play urgency to compete at the next level. If he can do so, his combination of size and speed can be used to create mismatches all over the field. Making him quite the weapon in the Vikings new West Coast offense. He possesses all the tools to be a productive player in the NFL. His Ceiling is sky high.

                                                            (VIA Mockdraftable)

Round 7/219: Stacy Coley, 6-0 195 pounds, WR Miami

                       Strengths: Has the speed and fluent hips to create separation in the NFL. Dangerous with the ball in his hands. Has the shiftiness to make defenders miss. Excels when given cushion from defenders. His best work comes in man coverage. Great route running but just needs to be a bit more consistent. Greatly improved his catching last year. Makes catches in traffic. Comes back to the ball when necessary.

                      Weaknesses: His worth ethic has been questioned often. Scouts doubted that he even loved the game anymore. Needs to add strength. Struggles against press coverage, rarely getting a clean release. Rounds his cuts in his routes, loses track of the ball and can misjudge. Tends to try to do too much with the ball in his hands vs taken the easy yardage. Sits down in the wrong spots in zone coverage.

                  Summary:  His play style is very similar to Stefon Diggs. but he’s more tailored to be a slot receiver. Coley has all the traits you want in an NFL receiver, he’s fast, shifty and has solid hands, but is he willing to put the work in. He needs to add play strength, and he needs to take some time to learn and understand coverages, but if he can put it all together, he can become a solid  NFL caliber Slot WR.

(VIA Mockdraftable)


Round 7/220: Ifeadi Odenigbo, 6-3 258 pounds, DE NorthWestern

                       Strengths: Very strong Raw talent. Power rusher that adjusts well. Bends knees to get under Offensive Tackles. Known as a pass rushing specialist. Had a pass rushing efficiency of 96%. Play strength is at NFL level. Solid motor. Known for his worth ethic.

                      Weaknesses: Struggles mightily in the run game. Has a hard time cutting the edge on the outside. Gets outplayed on sealing the edge defending runs. Needs technique work. Would rather run through his blocker, than use his hands to get the edge or the inside.

                      Summary: Very similar to Everson Griffen coming out of college. Ifeadi has a lot of untapped potential. a power edge rusher who needs proper coaching to get the most out of him.  If he can put His footwork, Hands, Arms and strength all together, this 7th round pick could turn into a steal. Expect him to compete for DE4, but he’s definitely going to need time to develop.

                                                                    (VIA Mockdraftable)

Round 7/232: Elijah Lee, 6-3 228 pounds, OLB Kansas State

                        Strengths: A real rangy Linebacker, who closes in on the line quickly. Has the quickness to get to the outside and cut guys off on the edge. Takes correct angles and excels in space. Meets running backs at the hole. Does well in coverage. Played the 2nd most coverage snaps of any linebacker coming out (518). Has sideline to sideline range.

                        Weaknesses: Needs to add some play strength. Struggles in traffic and getting off blocks. Gets caught up taking wrong lanes in run game. Tends to throw guys down or drag them rather than using his shoulder and driving.

                      Summary: Elijah Lee was a steal in the 7th. His lack of exposure (no combine invite) worked well for the Vikings. While there are many concerns about him in the run game which caused his stock to fall, in Zimmers scheme he should excel. He has the range and coverage ability to excel in space. Expect Lee to compete with Lamur for the WILL spot, but likely wont win it right away. However, Vikings could see a big return from this 7th round pick in 2018.

Round 7/245: Jack Tocho, 6-0 202 pounds, CB North Carolina State

                     Strengths: Very smart and instinctive. Known for his work ethic and plays with confidence. Has experience all over the field in man, zone, off and press. Plays aggressively well when everything’s in front of him

                     Weaknesses: Lacks lateral agility to play cornerback, doesn’t have the make up speed to adjust from mistakes, tightness in his hips, struggles in run game. Average overall athlete.

                       Summary: When you watch his tape, He excels when everything is front of him. He does show natural coverage ability from the line. His instincts and experience should put him in the best position to succeed as safetys. He has a lot of competition to beat out, expect him to start on the practice squad and work his way into contention.

                                                                     (VIA Mockdraftable)

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