Climbing The Pocket: Episode 03 – [Vikings Draft Recap]

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 03 – [Vikings Draft Recap]

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 03 - [Vikings Draft Recap]

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In this episode:

  • Vikings Draft Recap
  • Myles loves Jaleel Johnson
  • Apologies for the audio quality early in the pod
  • Jayson loves how Rick played the draft
  • Yinka loves running backs and Danny Isidora
  • JR love Elflein
  • Not so Rapid Fire Round by Round Recap
    • Round 2 – Everyone Loves Dalvin
      • Jayson cites a concern
      • JR shuts Jayson down with more quickness than Dalvin in an agility drill
    • Round 3 – Everyone Loves Pat
      • Yinka continues to throw shade on the #DraftCommandments. See why he’s wrong here.
      • JR talks about the “study” Rick referenced about taking OL early.  Read more about why that’s a great idea here.
    • Round 4
      • Jaleel is Myles’ favorite 
      • Yinka opines about Audiesel
      • Jayson stans for Gedeon 
    • Round 5 (Yinka discovers the mute button)
      • New Patterson?
      • RG of the future?
    • Round 6
      • Bucky FTW!!!!!
    • Round 7
      • Yinka teaches us about Nigerian parenting and preaches the gospel of Jarius 
  • Running Back Hot Takes!!!!!!!
  • Stay tuned for Myles’ prospect deep dive dropping on Tuesday
  • Tim Brown article dropping on Wednesday
  • Prince article coming soon…
  • JR OL deep dive dropping on Friday
  • #AskHoodie coming soon

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