Climbing The Pocket: Episode 02 – Draft Day 1

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 02 – Draft Day 1

Editor’s Note – Click here for Stitcher.  iTunes coming soon.

In this episode:

  • Draft Day 1 recap
  • Yinka talks offense going early and DBs being pushed down
    • Jayson talks about how Day 1 went well for Vikings fan (apologies for impending disappointment)
    • Myles agrees with Jayson and expresses surprise no one traded into back of the round for Kizer or Webb
    • Apologies for the interference around six minute mark
    • Also, apologies for the NFL Network background noise intermittently throughout. We’re still figuring out the mute button.
    • Yinka likes Hooker. 
      • Yinka is giddy about being Mixon available
      • Myles puts a flamethrower to Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville O
      • We’re on Stitcher now!!! Check us out ya’ll.
      • Jump to 37:10 to hear Yinka’s very roundabout apology to #TeamSleeves

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