Climbing the Pocket: Episode 01 – [untitled]

Editor’s Note – Please forgive the audio quality; we are a work in progress. As soon as Google teaches me how, I’ll submit to iTunes and Stitcher.  Thanks for listening.

In this episode:

  • This podcast will happen more often than “annual”
  • We introduce ourselves*
  • We work through our difference of opinion on Joe Mixon
    • Shout out to Ben Natan for giving me the data to support my long standing Joe Mixon take #confirmationbias
    • Check out Ben and Arif on Norse Code here.
  • Yinka’s QB hate almost spills over.
  • We discuss our preferred draft strategies
  • Each of discusses our favorite mid-round prospects in rapid fire
    • Click here for info on Myles’ favorite.
    • Click here for info on Yinka’s favorite.
    • Click here for info on Jayson’s favorite.
    • Click here for info on JR’s favorite.
  • JR talks about his Big Board and Positional Rankings. Check em out here.
  • Myles teases his introductory piece for our site.
  • Yinka forgets to put himself on mute (often) and highlights a couple of upcoming articles
  • Jayson talks #DraftCommandments 
*check out our man Tim Brown on Twitter.


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