Welcome to I Don’t Hate Sam Bradford dot blogspot dot com.

My name is Jayson Brown.  You might know me from Twitter beefs such as “Prince & AP vs The Present” or “Team Sleeves vs Everybody 2017.”  I work in corporate middle management and decided to start this blog because it seemed like a healthier alternative to scotch.

The primary focus will be on Minnesota Vikings Football but there will be occasional fantasy football talk, superflex discussions, and articles about baggy sleeves.

I’ll be joined occasionally by friends to talk football, those others sports, music, movies, and saxophone on a podcast we’ll launch as soon as I figure out how.  These talented folks will also contribute posts as time permits.

Anywho, that’s all for now.  Welcome aboard I Don’t Hate Sam Bradford. I really don’t hate him.  I actually think he’s a really talented guy.


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